Jan 4th New Features: CloudFlare CDN - speed up your websites

Zoidial Incorporated is now a CloudFlare certified partner. All hosting accounts can have CloudFlare activated from within our Plesk Panel.Simply activate this using the links provided to the right of your domain list. An Overview of CloudFlare On average, a website on CloudFlare - loads twice as fast- uses 60% less bandwidth- has 65% fewer ... Read More »

Nov 13th New Features: Availability of multiple PHP versions

We now offer multiple PHP versions that you can switch for any domain you host through us.We have the most recent versions of the following PHP available:PHP 5.3PHP 5.4PHP 5.5PHP 5.6 PHP 5.5 (or 5.6) is the suggested default, as these include PHP's new OpCache, enabled by default, and performs significantly faster than previous versions. Read More »