Jan 4th New Features: CloudFlare CDN - speed up your websites

Zoidial Incorporated is now a CloudFlare certified partner. All hosting accounts can have CloudFlare activated from within our Plesk Panel.Simply activate this using the links provided to the right of your domain list. An Overview of CloudFlare On average, a website on CloudFlare - loads twice as fast- uses 60% less bandwidth- has 65% fewer ... Read More »

Nov 13th New Features: Availability of multiple PHP versions

We now offer multiple PHP versions that you can switch for any domain you host through us.We have the most recent versions of the following PHP available:PHP 5.3PHP 5.4PHP 5.5PHP 5.6 PHP 5.5 (or 5.6) is the suggested default, as these include PHP's new OpCache, enabled by default, and performs significantly faster than previous versions. Read More »

Sep 7th Informational: WordPress Toolkit

WordPress Toolkit Plesk 12.0 introduces WordPress Toolkit, a powerful tool for managing WordPress installations. The toolkit enables customers to manage multiple WordPress installations, plugins, and themes from a single point of entry. Users can install, update, and remove WordPress installations, activate and remove plugins and ... Read More »

Sep 7th New Features: Wordpress managment and security from the control panel

New features within our control panel:WordPress Mass-Management & Security Tools Detect manual installations of WordPress by your customers Run a vulnerability scan on any WordPress install on your server Secure any WordPress installation with one-click hardening, based on results of vulnerability scan Easily install, remove, ... Read More »

Aug 14th Migration to new Server complete

We've completed a migration from our CentOS 5.x server to a newly provisioned CentOS 6.x 64-bit server, including an updated Plesk panel.

Aug 14th Upgraded Plesk to version 12

We've completed a migration to Plesk Version 12.

The user interface has been completely overhauled, and plans have been updated in alignment with Plesk's new infrastructure.

May 14th New Server Hardware

We've added new hardware, a new multi-core Xeon server, >32GB DDR3 Reg/ECC ram, and a 6-drive RAID10 array.

Since all our services are virtualized, we've been able to migrate active servers over to this new hardware node that require faster performance.

Nov 3rd Plesk Panel Updated - (zoidial hosting)

The Plesk hosting control panel has been updated to a new version, which includes updates of these components: Qmail 1.03 ProFTPd 1.3.1 Courier-Imap 3.0.8 Horde IMP H3 (4.1.6) Horde Ingo 1.1.5 Horde Kronolith 2.1.8 Horde Mimp 1.0.2 Horde Mnemo 2.1.2 Horde Passwd 3.0.1 Horde Turba 2.1.7 Atmail Webmail Light 1.0 DrWeb 5.01 SSHTerm ... Read More »

Nov 2nd Upgraded Billing System - (zoidial incorporated)

Our billing system has been updated to a new version, with a few minor features upgrades.

If you notice any issues with the new system, or have questions, please contact Zoidial Support (submit a trouble ticket at https://www.zoidial.com/customersupport/)

Feb 28th Mail Upgrades

Upgrades! For those of you who have experienced some delays with sending mail -- that was due to an open relay spam-check server being offline and adding about 30 to 60 seconds of lag for the server check to time out. This has been fixed now, and a few new servers have been added, which may result in better results (ie. less spam) The Antivirus ... Read More »