Aug 27th New anti-virus software installed for all email accounts

Antivirus software was installed on the server on the 25th. After a day of testing, the software was implemented for all users on the 26th. This is transparent to all mail users, if someone sends mail to you with a virus, or you are infected with a virus and send mail through this server, it will automatically remove the offending virus. Within ... Read More »

Aug 23rd Virus Alert: Virus and Worm activity very high via email

VIRUS ALERTS: This past week or two has seen an increase in both virus and worm activity that affects Microsoft Windows computers. Lately Zoidial, Inc. has seen an increase in bogus emails sent to/from users by some of these viruses. The main virus going around now would probably be this Sobig.F one, which infects users computers via email and ... Read More »

Aug 5th Server Reboot / Update / Emergency security upgrade

A reboot of the server caused a few minutes downtime yesterday. UPDATES:  Upgraded to Plesk 6.0.1 (Security release patchset) Upgraded Base FreeBSD system and recompiled all programs and daemons in order to preemptively safeguard the system against possible exploits from a newly discovered vulnerability in the libc library effecting BSD ... Read More »